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Bespoke Service

Welch Bespoke offers bespoke commissions for lampshades and installations with a commitment to create beautiful objects to enhance your experience of light.

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The Commissioning Process
1.   One to one conversation with Henry via phone/Skype or in person to understand the requirements and the general look and feel.

2.   You will receive a detailed design and quotation.

3.   25% deposit required. Lead time starts the date of payment. 

4.   We start the making process. (exciting!)

5.   Upon completion of product, the remaining balance is paid and the product sent for delivery.



Lampshades and installations range in sizes between 400mm - 1000mm diameter.


Any new pattern will have to be compatible with the spherical geometry: Patterns can be discussed in the consultation session with Henry. 



Compatible materials are : 


-Birch plywood 
-Valchromat  (sustainable wood fibre panel)
-Solid hardwoods upon request
-Reclaimed acrylic 


For tints, finishes and available colours please refer to our Catalogue below.

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