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Welch Bespoke was born from the idea that beautifully crafted objects can have a positive impact on our emotions and well-being.
We spend most of our time indoor’s and our experience of light plays a fundamental role in managing stress and anxiety.

​Each design is impeccably finished and handmade with a high level of craftsmanship and respect for material. Inspired by the complex patterns and structures found in nature, these lamps seek to transform your daily experience of light, by adding playfulness and joy to your interiors. 

Welch Bespoke was founded by Henry Welch in 2020 in Camberwell, London.

Henry’s exceptional craftsmanship and extensive knowledge of fabrication methods were acquired through a BA in Model Making at the Arts University Bournemouth, and further honed through four years as a maker at the architectural firm Foster and Partners. Bearing witness to the waste of the architectural industry, Henry felt compelled to give new life to leftover materials, leading him to set up his studio and fulfil his passion to produce sculptural lampshades for interiors.

​Welch Bespoke aims to establish a dialogue between the two mediums of CNC machining and hand-building techniques. The results are objects which honour the beauty of craft while pushing the boundaries of material properties, in the belief that craftsmanship methods can evolve alongside computer aided manufacturing.




What light bulb to use with our lampshades...

The use of different light bulbs can affect how the lampshades illuminates the surrounding space. We have shown three commonly used light bulbs below.
Opal Diagram.jpg
Filament Diagram.jpg
DSC_0045 copy.jpg
Halogen Diagram.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I place an order?
    There are two ways to order. 1.You can select a product from our Collections 2. You can order a personalised design. Please refer to our bespoke page for more information You can get in touch via email at or use the contact sheet at the bottom of the page.
  • What is included in my lampshade order?
    Your order includes a lampshade that can be easily fitted to a 5mm - 6.5mm thickness of cord. We currently do not sell cords but we can advise you on a suitable supplier.
  • What bulb can I use with your lampshades?
    You can see the maximum size bulb you can use, specified on each product page.
  • Are your lampshades fragile?
    The lampshades made of timber are fairly strong, however they could break falling from ceiling height. The lampshade made of reclaimed acrylic need to be handled with care.
  • How much do the lampshades weigh?
    The wieight of the lampshades are listed in each product page.
  • Do your prices include VAT?
    Our prices for UK customers include VAT at 20%.
  • What is the delivery cost?
    The delivery cost is free within the UK. Please enquire Via email for shipping outside of the UK.
  • How long will it take for my lampshade to arrive?
    As all the lampshades are made to order, the lead time can vary between 4 to 10 weeks from the time you placed the order. Please get in touch for up to date information on your order or any specific requests you might have on timeframe. We do our best to engage with our suppliers to make sure your order will arrive on time.
  • Can I custom my design?
    Yes, you can! Please get in touch via email for more information and visit our Bespoke page.
  • Are you lampshades made with sustainable materials?
    Yes. Our Organic Collection is made with timber sustainably sourced and recyclable. The Geometric Collection is made with acrylic waste from the Model making industry.
  • How do I install you lampshades?
    All lampshades can be easily fitted to a 5mm - 6.5mm thickness of cord. Further instructions will be sent via email upon purchase.
  • Do you have any discount or promotions?
    Sale is applied on the products depending on the number of lampshades you order. Please enquire for more information.
  • What is your return/refund policy?
    Due to the handmade nature of our products we are not able to offer returns or refunds.
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